Cornbeast is a musician making music on nintendo gameboys, 80's drum machines, modified toys, cheap synthesizers, DIY electronics, calculators, home computers, analog filters and stuff like that.

The music follows no conventions and mixes influences from a wide range of sources, from alternative rock to electronic dance music. Mostly it involves heavy beats and fat lo-bit basslines, and it's usually suitable for dancing.

Gameboy arena rock? Electro? Chip music? Disco rock? Electronic lo-fi? Chiptune? Indietronica? Video game music? Punky electronica? Gameboy Electro Pop? Something like that - you make up your own mind.

Cornbeast is primarily a live act. To date I have made more than 20 gigs, which always are very energetic and passionate, and features me "dancing", sweating, joking and fiddling around with my music gear.

Cornbeast is the alter-ego of Fredrik Stolpe who lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

I'm also involved in arrainging clubs, concerts and workshops in the field of experimental electronic music, chip music and circuit-bending, among them the now resting chip-/micromusic club Microdisko.

Releases and compilations

Chip Hero, 8bitpeoples, 2009
Chip Music is dead, Gainlad 2007
Level up, DWD Records 2007

My music released free under Creative Commons license nc-nd.


Don't hesitate to contact me to book be for a gig, release my music or for whatever reason. Email me: my artist name @

You can also hook up with me on myspace and facebook.